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Welcome to drumscreens.co.uk
Britain's leading drum screen manufacturer

Using World leading Perspex (75yrs of innovation)

The official website of drumscreens.co.uk - manufacturing drum screens since 2006. We use 5 mm & 6mm cast acrylic Perspex which carries a ten-year clarity guarantee. - Half the weight of glass, transmits more light than glass, easy clean, hand made & flame edged for a superior finish

Drum screens help you take more control of your sound. They are an effective solution to improving the on-stage and studio sound levels. Drum screens Reduces feedback, stops bleed over into other mics and on-stage volume whilst being able to hear yourself better too!

Our customers include the BBC, famous bands, schools, churches and recording studios who all expect high quality and personal service. Any questions please email us drumscreens@outlook.com


We manufacture each panel spec to 60cm wide instead of the industry standard 50cm – which in turn means you need fewer panels, less hinges, better view of the drummer and you... cut the cost!

Therefore a 5 panel drum screen supplied by drumscreens.co.uk is roughly the same size as a 6 panel drum screen from our competitors, saving money!

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